Private Lenders

If you have a 401K, you are an investor!

Many people do not consider themselves “investors”, but many Americans who invest in 401Ks and IRAs are investors.

These forms of investing are relatively passive for most. They just set it and forget it. But, more often then not, they’ll glance at a statement when

it comes in and either raise their eyebrows or shake their head. Does

this situation sound familiar?

Are your

investments performing the way they should be? Are you looking to diversify your portfolio?

We provide opportunities to individuals that are interested in receiving high rates of return through investing in real estate. And, you CAN use the same money that’s in your 401K!

Want to find out more? Read on…

Our Company evaluates and acquires properties consistently that fit our investment formulas. If a property does not fit within our numbers,

we don’t buy it…plain and simple.

Our investment vehicles are acquired on discounted terms and are fully insured with Hazard and Title Insurance. This provides you with piece of mind.

Imagine making a

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safe investment where not only you have complete control of your money but you also earn a 10% return in

3-12 months.

This is a safe investment that produces high rates of return

and a higher level of security and liquidity than the stock market.

At Pebblenut Properties, we give our clients more control over their investments while

safely giving them returns at two to five times the current rate they’re receiving.

These loans are made to real estate investors like us and are secured by real estate.

How does it work?

The private lender is given a first or second mortgage that secures their legal interest in the property and secures their investment at

a very low Loan to Value (LTV) ratio. In fact, our standard LTV ratios are under 75%

of the value of

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the property securing the loan and frequently as low as 60% to 68%. What does this mean? It’s additional security on the investment.

For example, if a property is valued at $100,000, our Private Lender will never have to loan more than $75,000 dollars on the property. That’s a 75% loan-to-value ratio and a much safer approach than that taken by conventional lenders.

Banks get into trouble because they make loans at an 85%, 90%, or even 100% loan-to-value ratio leaving them no equity for transfer costs, if they are ever forced into a position where they have to take back the collateral


You, as a lender, will never lend more than 75% LTV. It is

in your best interest to minimize risk and maximize return and this is why a loan should never be made without a 25% safety net. We don’t violate this rule, because your security is at stake.

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