We Buy Houses

Let Pebblenut Properties help you!
We buy houses. All kinds of houses.

we buy houeses

Are you…

  • Your house

    needs minor or major repairs and may seem hard to sell.

  • Your job or family situation has required you to relocate.
  • A bankruptcy is leading you to seek the sale of your house instantly.
  • Your divorce has left you

    and/or your ex- with a house that

    must combination be sold.

  • You are

    building or buying a new home and need to sell the old house fast.

  • You are making payments on two houses at once and

    need instant relief.

  • Your house is vacant or you are tired of being a landlord / you have bad tenants.
  • You are in a situation where you need to stop foreclosure .
  • Someone whom you love has died and left you with an estate to settle.
  • Your house has lien or title problems inhibiting its immediate sale.
  • Is your real estate agent is failing to sell your house fast or find a buyer soon enough.

We can help you get out of the situation you’re in. Wan buy your house for cash and fast!

Many times closing within seven days of the date you accept our offer. Pebblenut Properties doesn’t need to rely on funding from banks.

We are a private investment company, and we can get the money to you or the bank fast. If you can’t wait, need to get paid, or need to pay someone else right away, you need to call us. The sooner the better.

We would love to help you; and love to talk to you about your situation to determine if this would be a good fit for you. After all, there may be other options out there. If you’d like to get started contact us today!

You can send a message
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of the methods listed below.

  • Ph: (225) 347-0030
  • Toll Free: (855) 455-7700
  • Email: pebblenutproperties@gmail.com
  • www.pebblenutproperties.com